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A difference in your life

A difference that's measured in the amount of fun, peace of mind and financial security you share.

A difference in the comfortable years that follow the successful plans you've made.

A difference you deserve

A difference in the results of proper planning and personal care they take in your financial future.

Where can you find that kind of care? You can find it with us!
A special kind of care you can trust

From a family of professionals that help their clients plan for the future, manage taxes, protect income and preserve wealth. Professionals who are educated to guide people like you, about important financial issues as well as helping them to find resources in health care, estate planning, and other concerns such as real estate, probate and trust laws.

Most of our clients have been looking for someone just like us--someone who will listen to what they have to say, someone who will show them ways to guard their money safely.
Risk-Averse Investment Strategies

With conservative investment options (such as bonds, annuities and blended mutual funds with established companies you can trust) that may target wealth or provide you with a guaranteed income for life. We can introduce you to the four basic categories of annuities.
Comprehensive Portfolio Management of your retirement funds utilizing income, moderate growth, or growth and income strategies. The strategy will help you pursue your goals while giving you the comfort and peace of mind that will allow you to sleep at night.

In addition, our tax management strategies can help you keep more of what you earn--and pursue the financial freedom that you deserve.

Helping you transfer and consolidate retirement plans into your own personal IRA, or to other tax-advantaged investments is one of our specialties. We've been helping retired clients and retiring employees at area companies for whom we've put together retirement programs and related benefit plans for over thirty years.
Retirement Planning

IRA planning is crucial. Most people are not aware that an IRA account can be taxable at an amount equaling over 70% of the IRA value at the IRA owner's death. Proper steps need to be followed when rolling over an IRA from beneficiary designations and transferring the IRA to the beneficiary upon the death of the owner. The wrong moves could cost your heirs tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We specialize in helping IRA owners not make these mistakes so their loved ones, not the IRS, can enjoy the proceeds when they're gone.
Comprehensive Planning

A financial strategy is more than merely pursuing wealth and cutting taxes. It's also about protecting income and preserving wealth for multiple generations.

For clients of means, we offer estate planning distinguished by advanced wealth transfer strategies: family limited partnerships, charitable remainder trusts, retitling of assets, and life insurance planning.

Many of our clients want to look at long-term care insurance to help pay for any major, unpredicted health care costs. By helping families fund such insurance, we've been able to save many "nest eggs" against catastrophic nursing home costs.
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