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Tim Shaner, president and founder of Capital Consultants, is a community leader and family man with a faith-based mission and purpose to create an organization dedicated to helping others pursue a road of success and prosperity that is constantly expanding, so as to create a way for them to travel to their dreams.

Tim has been in the financial services industry for over thirty years providing sound financial guidance to major corporations, institutions and individuals. Tim has dedicated his time, talent and gifts through service to others. Tim has consistently been ranked as one of the leaders in our industry. His area of special interest is charitable giving and estate planning, both personally and in his business. Helping others make important decisions about their money is his gift. You might hear him simply say, "I help people build, protect and transfer wealth."

Tim is a licensed insurance professional and a specialist in financial consulting with over thirty years of experience in helping individuals, corporations and private institutions make important decisions about their financial future. He is an NASD Registered Representative of Common Wealth Financial Network and has completed numerous qualifying exams including the 6, 63, 66 and 7. He is currently matriculating to the designations of Charter Financial Planner and Certified Life Underwriter with the American College of Bryn Mawr, PA. Capital Consultants offers a network of some of the most profound legal and professional minds stemming from over thirty years of relationship-building and association with our community leaders, local and civic organizations and a multitude of national and international associations.

Tim has been living in the Santa Clarita and San Fernando Valley area for over thirty years. He has two handsome sons, Morgan and Kory, who actually help out every now and then. Tim hails from the Garden State of New Jersey, is a Vietnam War Veteran and has an MBA in business and finance from Cal State University, Los Angeles. While actively involved with many prominent service organizations, he likes to spend most of his personal time helping charitable institutions tap into the “wealth transfer gap.” And, somewhere in between, he actually finds time to play golf and travel.

As a community leader, Tim has demonstrated leadership in all areas of his life from his long-standing relationship with Big Brothers of Greater L.A., Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Victims of Violence, DARE and other key organizations dedicated to helping others. Tim is most proud of his work with active military and veterans and has been a member of the American Legion for over 35 years. He is a pleasure to work with and I’m sure you will find his care and dedication beyond your expectations.

Take the time to discover who Tim Shaner is and how Capital Consultants can be a part of your life and your future. Call Tim today at (818) 557-7289 or send him a personal e-mail at

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